Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2 Months Old

Oliver is now a little over 2 months old! I'm not going to lie, it's kinda hard to believe that he is only 2 months old, I feel like it's been much longer since I had him :) But I am enjoying him just as much as ever, even if he is a hard baby.  He used to do really well with sleeping during the day, in that any noise that Walter made wouldn't wake him up, but now every little noise wakes him and so getting a good nap during the day is becoming very difficult.  He is smiling more and more every day and loves it when people talk to him.  He's also starting to "coo" which is the sweetest little noise ever.  Walter is more and more in love with him and it melts my heart to see him so concerned for his brother.  He is always kissing him and wanting to sit with him and touch him.  He has learned how to be so gentle with him as well, which is great, I don't have to worry too much about him hurting Oliver- but there are some days that are exceptions to that :)
So at 2 months old Oliver is:

  • Wearing mostly 6 month clothes- he is one big boy! He is in the 90% for weight in his age group
  • Wearing size to diapers, very snugly
  • Eats every 2-3 hours
  • Will usually sleep from about 9:30 at night til about 6 or 7, but not all at once.  He is still waking up about 3 times a night
  • He usually doesn't make it the whole night in his bed, he either ends up in our bed or in his swing
  • He naps whenever during the day, there is no real schedule during the day
I'm sure I've said it before and I know I'll say it again, but having 2 kids is extremely exhausting and hard, but in spite of all the hard times we go through, it is the best being able to see my two boys begin to interact with each other.  They are my greatest blessings

Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! We headed down to Cedar City to spend it with my moms side of the family.  My sister Emily and her family were there, as well as Heather, my Grandma Jones, my Aunt Carolyn and her family, and my Uncle Al and his family and of course my mom and dad and Michael.  We left Layton Thanksgiving morning and got to Cedar right when they were all sitting down to eat.  The car ride down was much better than I anticipated, thanks to a portable DVD player my friend Amy let us borrow.

We had a great dinner with amazing food and Walter enjoyed running around with his cousin Nixyn, and my sister's puppy Flynn.  He was obsessed with that dog throughout the whole weekend and would walk around my grandma's house saying "woof woof", too bad I didn't get any pictures of him- he's stinking cute.
After we ate at my Grandma Jones' house, we headed to Parowan to see my Grandma Adams and have some pie :) 
On Saturday morning, we were very close to going home because Walter had had a really rough night the night before, but I chose to stay and I'm glad we did.  We headed down to St George to spend the day with Emily and her family and we took a few family pictures.  Walter was extremely tired from not having a nap the day before and from him rough night so thankfully we were able to get him to take a good nap at her house.  He did much better that night back in Cedar as well.  We got up Saturday morning and headed home.  It was a quick trip but so much fun.  I love being able to see my family, and it was great to have us all together for a couple of days.

Playing outside at my Grandma Jones' house

Plumbers crack :)

Emily wanted to steal Oliver from me- I don't blame her

 The whole family

 Love my boys :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

18 Months Old

Just a week after Oliver turned 1 month old, Walter turned 18 months old! He is such a big boy now! No longer my little baby :( Right around his 18 month birthday, he really started mimicking words, which he had never really done before.  He is such a silly boy, always doing the most random things to make us laugh.  He can also be a little stinker- he thinks it's hilarious when someone gets hurt and when we tell him to stop doing something.  There are some days that he pushes me over the edge and I am ready to give him away, but I love him to death- he's my bestest bud.  At 18 months Walter is:

  • Wearing size 18 month pants and 24 month shirts, size 4 diapers
  • He is a very picky eater, his favorites are chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, corn dogs, rice a roni, and pizza
  • Words he is starting to say: sun, straw, mama, dada, flower, please, yes.. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them right now
  • He can throw quite the tantrum, I think they're funny :)
  • He loves cars and trucks and will say vroom vroom when he sees them
  • He loves playing with tools (hammer, screwdriver) 
  • He loves to go on walks
  • He loves reading books, especially his animal books
  • He loves his brother Oliver, and loves to help me change him and get him dressed
  • He loves to pretend to cook with all of our pots and pans
  • He loves the music in church, he stands up and pretends to lead it
  • He knows who Jesus is and will point him out in any picture that he sees of him

1 Month Old

This is now more than 2 weeks over due, but Oliver is now a month old! Holy cow, I survived an entire month with 2 kids! I didn't think I could do it, and most days I still don't think I can make it another day, but here I am, 6 weeks in and I'm still going.. just barely :)
Oliver has proven to be kind of a hard baby. He is a very high stress little guy, always whining and never sleeping.  But even with how sleep deprived I am with him, I still love him to pieces.
So at 1 month old, Oliver is:

  • Wearing size 3 month clothes, size 2 diapers
  • Eating every 2 hours or so
  • Waking up about 3 times a night, some nights are better, some are worse
  • He really doesn't have a schedule during the day, his naps are all over the place and they're never really consistent 
  • He loves to sleep in his swing and falls asleep in the car pretty well too
  • He has very strong legs and neck
  • He loves watching Walter, and Walter loves watching him and giving him kisses :)
  • He hasn't really smiled yet, I did get one smile out of him on Thanksgiving Day, but other than that- nothing
  • His little birthmark on his forehead is getting bigger and darker all the time- I love it, but it will probably have to be removed eventually..
Like I said, he is a hard baby and drains me of my energy very quickly, but I love having him around, and I love watching his and Walter's relationship slowly develop :) He's a good addition to our family

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween this year!
We didn't do anything too special or spectacular, but it was fun to try and get Walter excited about dressing up and trick or treating.  As you can tell, we were not successful in getting him excited about dressing up...

I felt bad torturing him into the lion costume, but he is just so dang cute :)
Luckily Heather had gotten him and Oliver Halloween shirts, so he was at least able to "dress up" as a pumpkin :) and Oliver was a skeleton

We went over to my parents to carve pumpkins and then we took Walter trick or treating around their circle.  He really had no interest in it, until he got a sucker from one of the houses, but then he only cared about the sucker and nothing else :) oh well, it was still fun.

Walter next to the jack o lantern he helped me carve

 All of our awesome pumpkin creations

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hospital Stay and Coming Home

My stay at the hospital this time around was actually quite nice. When Walter was born, I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the nurses that I had, and I was more than ready to go home after being there 2 nights.  This time around I was pretty torn about when I would go home.  Most people who have a c-section end up staying 3 nights at the hospital, so I was told that I would be spending 3 nights as well.  I was extremely impressed with all of my and Oliver's nurses this time around.  They were all so sweet and took such good care of us and made sure that they were there to answer any questions and help with whatever it was I may have needed help with.  They were seriously awesome.  We had a few visitors come, including my parents, Jesse's mom and sister and nephew, Heather, my visiting teacher, and, of course, Walter :)  Walter didn't seem to care about Oliver in the hospital, he just loved pushing the little cart with his bassinet in it around.  It wasn't until we brought Oliver home that Walter became fascinated with him.  So apart from the terribly uncomfortable hospital bed, my stay was quite nice and I was seriously contemplating just staying the 3 nights like I was told I would be doing.  But there was a huge part of me that needed to be at home with Walter.  Walter did such a good job for being away from his mom for so long, but I could tell that it was hard on him.  I felt like me being home with him was much more important that me taking it easy for another night, so I made sure that my doctor knew I wanted to go home a day early.  He was more than happy to let me do that, even though that meant he would have to take my staples out a day early.  That's what I love about my doctor, he is always willing to do whatever makes me happy and most comfortable, even if it's against the norm.  So we were discharged from the hospital on Thursday morning, and it was the greatest feeling ever to be able to walk into our apartment with little Oliver and see Walter!  My mom and Heather were here with him waiting for us.  Jesse got me some very pretty yellow and orange roses that were on the table when we came in as well.
I was super nervous to be home, especially come night time, since I would be without the help of the nurses.  The first few nights are definitely the hardest! I had several breakdowns and times when I thought that there was no way I'd be able to do this.  Luckily, those feelings only lasted a couple of nights, although, I'm sure they'll come back later :) My mom and Heather and Jesse were all amazing at helping me out! And my mom still is! She still comes over every morning and watches Walter and Oliver while I shower, and she does my dishes :) Jesse had to go back to work the Monday after, and that's when Heather left too.  It was a terrible day, to say the least.  Walter absolutely loves Heather, and she was such a life saver with him during that first week! She definitely needs to move back up here and be his permanent buddy :)
Walter has been completely fascinated with Oliver since we came home.  He is such a cute little helper.  Anytime Oliver makes a noise or starts to cry, Walter is right there to check on him and make sure he's okay.  Whenever I change or feed Oliver, Walter is right there supervising and making sure it's done right :) I was really worried that Walter wouldn't adjust very well to the change in attention given to him, but he has done so good! He has his moments where he gets upset if I can't help him do something because I am busy with Oliver, but for the most part he is awesome!

Going home from the hospital

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Birth of Oliver Ray

It's already been over a week since Oliver was born.  This past week has just flown by, and I decided that before I forget too many details, it was time that I write down all the details of how this little boy decided to come into this world.
Since about week 31 in my pregnancy he was flipping back and forth from being breech, transverse and head down.  One week I would go into the doctor and he would be breech, then I'd go in again and he would be head down, and then sideways, and then head down- you get the point.  So at my last doctors appt he was sideways.  We decided to schedule an induction date for the following week, and if he hadn't flipped to head down by then, my doctor would attempt to do it when I got to the hospital.  If it was unsuccessful, we would go through with a c-section.
A couple days after that appointment I felt him flip again, and I could tell that he was no longer sideways, I just couldn't tell if he was head up or breech.  So I was extremely anxious for the 15th to come.  I hated not knowing if I was going to deliver naturally or if I'd have a c-section.  The 15th finally came and Jesse and I were off to the hospital bright and early.  My mom came to be here for when Walter woke up.  We got to the hospital just after 7 am and I was checked in and settled into my delivery room by 7:30.  My doctor came shortly after to check his position- he was breech.  My doctor said that we would go ahead with the flipping procedure.  (Side note- for the last week I had felt really uneasy about the procedure.  I had talked to several people who had had it done and I had heard how painful it could be.  I also had a feeling that there was a reason he was not flipping into the correct position, that for some reason, he needed to be head up instead.  So I was extremely anxious going into the hospital knowing that my doctor had every intention of trying to flip him.  I didn't feel like I could fight him on that, since he's the expert, but I didn't feel like I could ignore the uneasiness I felt either.  My biggest fear was that my doctor and I would end up butting heads pretty badly and it would make for an awful delivery experience.  I absolutely love my doctor and I didn't want this incidence to change that.) Anyway, so when my doctor said we would proceed with the procedure I felt like that was an okay decision, except for the fact that he was about to do it without me getting the epidural first.  We had talked earlier about me being able to get that first so that the pain was lessened and I was not willing to have it done without it.  So I quickly spoke up and told him that I would not have it done until I got the epidural.  He was okay with that and called for them to come and put that in me.  Turns out, no one was on call to do epidurals yet, so we had to wait, and my doctor was running out of time to do the procedure before he had to get to his office in Kaysville to see patients.  After waiting for a while, someone finally showed up and they were able to do the epidural, but since we were so short on time, the medication was not able to take full effect before my doctor had to start the procedure.  They monitored the baby's heart rate the whole time he was pushing and twisting my stomach (which was incredibly painful- I was pretty much in tears).  At one point my doctor looked and me and asked if he needed to stop, I felt like I should have him keep trying, so he kept going.  Just a couple minutes later however, the doctor stopped on his own and proceeded to put the baby back into breech position.  He said that the baby was showing stress and his heart rate was dropping every time he got close to being in the head down position.  I remember my doctor saying "there is obviously a reason for him being in this position, we won't move him, we will proceed with a c-section".  Hearing him say that made me feel much better about the uneasiness I had been feeling about having him flipped.  And it saved me from having to fight my doctor on the matter :)
So it was decided that I would have my baby via c-section at noon when my doctor could come back to the hospital.  Jesse and I had the whole afternoon to just sit and wait, and by that time, the epidural had worn off and I was starting to have contractions because of the stress that was put on my body during the flipping procedure.  So it was not very fun waiting for noon to come around, but it was definitely better than being in labor for 14 hours like I was with Walter, so I can't complain.
Noon came... and then went, and my doctor hadn't come back.  At about 12:30 the nurse came in and told me that my c-section would be a little later than expected because my doctor was delivering another baby.  Luckily we only had to wait til 1.  Once 1 came around, things really started to get moving.  From beginning to end, the entire process took less than half an hour.  My epidural was started again, they wheeled my down to an operating room, I was strapped down to an operating table and a blinder was put up so I could not see anything, Jesse got to dress in a full body suit with a shower cap and mask to top off the look, they made sure I was good and numb, my stomach was sterilized, and the c-section began.  It is the weirdest feeling being completely awake and alert for an operation like that and to have them tell you step by step what they are doing to you but you can't feel a thing.  At 1:22 pm, Oliver Ray Barocio was born.  7lbs 6oz 20 inches long.  The doctor and nurses all talked about how he had a perfect head, they brought him around for me to see him, and then whisked him away to get cleaned up and weighed.  He was so full of fluid that it took them a little bit to get him breathing correctly, and his temp and blood sugar levels were low, but they were able to get him back to where he needed to be pretty quickly.  Right after I was able to see my new baby boy, I don't remember a thing.  Come to find out, they gave me a dose of morphine to help with the pain once the epidural wore off.  Apparently I am allergic to morphine because it made me stop breathing and I passed out.  The next thing I remember, we were back in the delivery room and Jesse was holding Oliver.  I took a couple of pictures and then we were taken into my recovery room.  I was pretty nervous about the epidural wearing off and what kind of pain I would be in because of the c-section, but surprisingly, it was no worse than what I felt when I delivered Walter.  I spent the next 2 nights in the hospital, but since this post is already extremely long, I will save that experience and how it's been since we got home for the next post :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grand Ol' Flag

Walter has developed an obsession with flags.  He can spot them from a mile away and he gets so excited every time he sees one.  Kinda crazy because Jesse had an obsession with flags when he was little too.  We finally bought him his own flag at the store today.  The look on his face when we gave it to him was priceless! We then spent some time outside so that he could wave it around in the wind :)  Gotta love the simple pleasures in life!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

33 Weeks

It's already September which means it is the last month that I will only have 1 little guy to look after, next month is the big one! I had my 33 week appointment today and baby brother is still breech.  I go in again at 35 weeks and if he is still that way, we will schedule a time for me to go in around 37 weeks and have them try to force him to flip... they do it at the hospital because apparently there can be complications that would force me to have an emergency c-section.  So if this little guy does not cooperate, I could be as little at 4 weeks away from meeting him- ah!! Luckily, it's not very common for that to happen, but there is only a 50% chance that the force flip will work, if it doesn't work, I will have to schedule a c-section at 39 weeks, just 6 weeks from now.  I have no idea how likely it is that he will flip on his own, so I've gotta get myself prepared for the worst.  My doctor seemed pretty optimistic that he would flip at my last appointment (31 weeks), but today he didn't seem so optimistic when he realized he still hadn't.  Not only am I a little worried about having to go through all of that, but having him feet first is SO uncomfortable! And it gets more so every day! His head is way too big to be jammed up in my ribs and his little feet and legs are getting really strong and know how to kick me down there in all the most uncomfortable and painful areas.  As not prepared as I am to have 2 kids, I think I am finally starting to get excited about it and I'm so curious to see how Walter is going to react.
Walter loves to watch a video on YouTube of the itsy bitsy spider, it puts him in a trance!

 With my parent's cat, Snickers- and showing off his shades :)
Watching Toy Story, his favorite, right after waking up

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

31 Weeks and 15 Months

Well, looks like I can't keep up with my original goal of blogging every day, but I've gotten a little better at least...
Yesterday was my 31 week check up with my doctor- I'm down to single digits! And I am so not ready! My doctor told me that baby boy is still feet first- which totally makes sense, because every time he kicks I almost pee my pants, it's just great :) And his little head is right in my ribs so I can't bend over without not being able to breathe, and sometimes I can't bend over at all.  Doctor told me that he has 4 weeks to flip himself on his own or they'll force him to flip- sounds extremely uncomfortable and painful.  Other than that all is looking good- just wish I could find some motivation to clean, dejunk and get ready for him now :)

Walter is going to be 15 months tomorrow! I can't believe how big and smart he is getting! He's such a little boy now- no longer a baby :( but he has the silliest personality that I just love.  He absolutely loves kitties, and meows every time he sees one or even hears someone talk about one.  He is very serious when he talks, and even though he can't really say any words yet- you can tell he means business when he is talking to you, he furrows his eyebrows and points his finger at whatever it is he is talking about and he gets more and more demanding the longer it takes you to figure out whatever he wants.  He loves to play with cars and play swords (my mom has a ton of them at her house and he loves to just walk around the whole house carrying them) He thinks it's hilarious when someone gets hurt, that's really the only time that you can get him to laugh really hard.  I think he is starting to transition to 1 nap a day.  He goes a couple days with just 1 nap and then will have 1 or 2 days where he takes 2 still.  He's a picky eater- hates anything with bread or tortillas, and loves mac and cheese.  He gets really sad when he has to say goodbye to anyone.  He loves to watch birds and planes when we are outside.  He likes to try and dress himself, and he loves to help daddy get his shoes on in the morning.  He even tries to say "shoes" but all that comes out is "shhh".  He can roar like a lion and dragon, and he can almost tell you what a monkey says but hasn't quite figured it out yet.  When you ask him what a horse says he says "yeehaw".  His way of saying "yes" to a question is by him laughing.  If he doesn't laugh it means "no". Pretty sure he is a lefty, like his mom and dad.  He loves to check our mail and he has to be the one to open all the letters.  Whenever someone gets frustrated or upset around him, he automatically thinks he's in trouble and will bury his head in his hands and get the pouty lip- it's adorable.  He likes to jam out to Backstreet Boys in the car with me :)  He sure is a goofy little kid with a big attitude sometimes, but he is also the sweetest most sensitive little guy who knows how to melt your heart in a second! I love him to death!!

 Saying "shoes"

 Our daily morning walk with his cereal

 He loves cucumbers!

 And I love him!