Friday, November 30, 2012

New Tricks

Walter has learned some new tricks over the past couple of days
He can now sit up on his own

And he can actually roll more than once or twice in a row.  He started off on the blanket in this picture and just within a few seconds of me turning my back on him, he had gotten all the way over there.

It's so much fun watching him learn all these new things!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Funny Faces

In all the thousands of pictures I take of Walter, some of my favorites are when he's not cooperating as well as I'd like him to- I catch some pretty funny faces during those times.

And without fail, he gives me a smile that melts my heart :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It's Christmas time! It's Christmas time! The best time of the year! We are very excited for Christmas and have spent the last few days getting ready by putting up the tree and decorating (with what little decorations we have).  We've had the tree up for a week now and I just finished making a couple things, including a snowflake wreath I am very proud of.

Walter chewed on some ornaments

And he wasn't really sure what to think about the tree

But he loved the lights

So he ate them

And he loved them on the tree

We let him pick where his very first ornament would go

The finished tree- kinda whimpy but oh well

Our stockings are hung- except Walter's because his has not been made yet

And the wreath is on the door- I didn't realize that the white wreath on the white door wouldn't really show up until after I made it- oh well, I still like it

And now there is only 29 days til Christmas!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

6 Months

Our little Bug is 6 months old as of Thanksgiving Day.  I seriously can't wrap my head around how he got to be so big! Even though it makes me sad to think about how quickly it is all passing, he is becoming so much fun! He is so interactive and really shows his personality now.  He is a sweet sweet boy, we just love him to pieces!
At 6 months old, Walter is:

  • Wearing size 2 diapers, still- I can't believe he still fits them, I keep thinking every day that he'll grow out of them within the next couple of days, but he doesn't
  • He is now just barely wearing 6-9 month clothes, which means we are having to buy him all new clothes now
  • He is still waking up at night- usually once or twice
  • He is taking 2 to 3 naps a day, a lot of them are about an hour long now, which is much better than what they were before
  • He is eating oatmeal, applesauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears and bananas- he loves them all!
  • He is rolling a little bit more, still only a couple of times in a row
  • As of yesterday, he can now sit up on his own for about 10-30 seconds at a time before he topples over, it's adorable!
  • He loves to drink out of water bottles, he doesn't know what to do with a bottle or sippy cup yet
  • He is so curious about everything, and if we are holding him and he wants something, he lunges for it and makes us almost drop him
  • He is a shy shy boy
  • He loves to be scared- he thinks it's so funny and just laughs and laughs
  • He also thinks our kitty is the funniest thing, when she gets really hyper and starts running around he just laughs and squeals so much
  • He has become so attached to his blue and white blankie- he will not fall asleep without it
  • He smiles at absolutely everything!
  • He has learned how to spit and does it all the time now
He goes to the doctor on Monday and we will get his stats then- and he also gets his 3rd round of immunizations :(
He truly is the most amazing little boy and we are so so so blessed to have him in our lives!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are lot o pictures of our cute little Bug-a-Boo

He loves to suck on ice cold water bottles- and then he gets red lips and cheeks

 Trying to eat a Christmas ornament

 Checkin his Facebook

 He loves his blankie!

 And these pictures were our attempt for a 6 month photo shoot- as you can see it wasn't very successful

 He would look right

And he would look left

And he would look up

And then fall backwards

And then we'd almost get a smile

But then he would decide to suck his thumb instead

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few Random Things As Of Late

In my last post I mentioned that Walter had an ear infection. Well, he was put on antibiotics for it and we found out that he was allergic to it. So we took him back to the doctor to get him switched to a different antibiotic, and the doctor wouldn't put him on another one- he said his ear looked fine- even though he was only on the other one for 2 and a half days, not long enough to kill an infection. I knew that the symptoms of another ear infection would show up, and sure enough, today he was fussy beyond belief and all he wanted to do was sleep- poor little guy, I could just tell he was in pain.

So tomorrow we get to try and convince the doctor to put him back on an antibiotic- he better listen to me this time.

Walter has become so much fun lately. His personality has really started to show and I just love it! He laughs at everything! He also does this funny little shriek now when he gets really happy and excited.  He loves toys, and absolutely loves books.  He loves to eat and whenever he sees a bowl and a spoon he kicks and waves his arms like crazy and sticks his tongue out.  He is super shy around anyone but me and Jesse.  He will look at them and give them a quick smile but then will bury his head in my shoulder.  Gosh, I just love him.
He is always finding new ways to play :)

 He absolutely loves Jesse!

 His little smile melts my heart!

 Showing off his toys

 He is such a happy little guy!

Jesse and I cannot wait for Christmas! We are so excited to have Walter this year and to spoil him like crazy! Even though he won't really know what is going on and will just want to suck on the wrapping paper, it'll be so much fun.  I have a bunch of craft ideas for Christmas too and hopefully I'll be able to get them all done :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sick Boy

Poor little Walter has been battling a cold for a week now and we just found out today that he has his first ear infection! YAY! Not... Every time I put him down, he starts to scream bloody murder, which he never does, so that's how I knew something other than a cold was wrong with him.  Hopefully we can fight this fast!

And the snow sucks...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My "Ah-Ha" Moment

So I think that all of us can agree that yesterday's election was intense.  And for some of us, it was a disappointment, to say the least.  Looking at my facebook page, there were many posts that were just depressing.  People are scared for what's to come, people are calling each other names, I even saw a post from one girl that said she no longer wants to have children because she doesn't want to bring them into this evil world.  Last night I had a lot of the same thoughts.  I didn't think I would be this upset about the outcome- I'm not usually one to get very involved in politics.  But I was really upset, and scared.  I couldn't help but think about what Walter's life is now going to be like- every bad scenario I could possibly think up, I did.  Then today I was driving in the car and on the radio someone said something to the effect of "You have more control over your happiness and your future than any government or leader will ever have, it is up to you how much happiness and success you create for yourself in this life."  That was my "ah-ha" moment.  I realized right there that regardless of the results of this election, I am in charge of my happiness and I am in charge of what I do now in going forward.  And I thought about what really makes me happy.  My family and the gospel.  Those are two things that no one can ever take away from me.  The road ahead may be hard, and it won't always be pretty, but when I think about my family, and the fact that we can be together forever, I'm not so scared anymore.  I am so grateful that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  The knowledge and peace that comes from that is something this world will never be able to give me.  It is so reassuring to know that even if things seem out of control, they are not.  Our loving Heavenly Father is in charge, He always has been and He always will be, and He will protect and watch over those who remain faithful to Him through these hard times.  In short, I am going to go on trying to make my life the happiest I can by keeping those things that really matter close to me, and not worrying so much about what is happening all around me.  I'm not saying that I will become ignorant to what is going on in the world, I think it is important to stay informed about what is happening, but I will not let it get me down.  In the end, things will work out and be okay.  I found this quote from one of my friends on facebook and I just love it:

Following 9/11/2001 Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley said the following. It still applies as we look forward to the future.

"Now, brothers and sisters, we must do our duty, whatever that duty might be. Peace may be denied for a season. Some of our liberties may be curtailed. We may be inconvenienced. We may even be called on to suffer in one way or another. But God our Eternal Father will watch over this nation and all of the civilized world who look to Him. He has declared, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" (Ps. 33:12). Our safety lies in repentance. Our strength comes of obedience to the commandments of God.
Let us be prayerful. Let us pray for righteousness. Let us pray for the forces of good. Let us reach out to help men and women of goodwill, whatever their religious persuasion and wherever they live. Let us stand firm against evil, both at home and abroad. Let us live worthy of the blessings of heaven, reforming our lives where necessary and looking to Him, the Father of us all. He has said, "Be still, and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10).
Are these perilous times? They are. But there is no need to fear. We can have peace in our hearts and peace in our homes. We can be an influence for good in this world, every one of us.
May the God of heaven, the Almighty, bless us, help us, as we walk our various ways in the uncertain days that lie ahead. May we look to Him with unfailing faith. May we worthily place our reliance on His Beloved Son who is our great Redeemer, whether it be in life or in death, is my prayer in His holy name, even the name of Jesus Christ, amen". --
Gordon B. Hinckley, October Conference 2001, "The Times in Which We Live"

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