Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Birth of Oliver Ray

It's already been over a week since Oliver was born.  This past week has just flown by, and I decided that before I forget too many details, it was time that I write down all the details of how this little boy decided to come into this world.
Since about week 31 in my pregnancy he was flipping back and forth from being breech, transverse and head down.  One week I would go into the doctor and he would be breech, then I'd go in again and he would be head down, and then sideways, and then head down- you get the point.  So at my last doctors appt he was sideways.  We decided to schedule an induction date for the following week, and if he hadn't flipped to head down by then, my doctor would attempt to do it when I got to the hospital.  If it was unsuccessful, we would go through with a c-section.
A couple days after that appointment I felt him flip again, and I could tell that he was no longer sideways, I just couldn't tell if he was head up or breech.  So I was extremely anxious for the 15th to come.  I hated not knowing if I was going to deliver naturally or if I'd have a c-section.  The 15th finally came and Jesse and I were off to the hospital bright and early.  My mom came to be here for when Walter woke up.  We got to the hospital just after 7 am and I was checked in and settled into my delivery room by 7:30.  My doctor came shortly after to check his position- he was breech.  My doctor said that we would go ahead with the flipping procedure.  (Side note- for the last week I had felt really uneasy about the procedure.  I had talked to several people who had had it done and I had heard how painful it could be.  I also had a feeling that there was a reason he was not flipping into the correct position, that for some reason, he needed to be head up instead.  So I was extremely anxious going into the hospital knowing that my doctor had every intention of trying to flip him.  I didn't feel like I could fight him on that, since he's the expert, but I didn't feel like I could ignore the uneasiness I felt either.  My biggest fear was that my doctor and I would end up butting heads pretty badly and it would make for an awful delivery experience.  I absolutely love my doctor and I didn't want this incidence to change that.) Anyway, so when my doctor said we would proceed with the procedure I felt like that was an okay decision, except for the fact that he was about to do it without me getting the epidural first.  We had talked earlier about me being able to get that first so that the pain was lessened and I was not willing to have it done without it.  So I quickly spoke up and told him that I would not have it done until I got the epidural.  He was okay with that and called for them to come and put that in me.  Turns out, no one was on call to do epidurals yet, so we had to wait, and my doctor was running out of time to do the procedure before he had to get to his office in Kaysville to see patients.  After waiting for a while, someone finally showed up and they were able to do the epidural, but since we were so short on time, the medication was not able to take full effect before my doctor had to start the procedure.  They monitored the baby's heart rate the whole time he was pushing and twisting my stomach (which was incredibly painful- I was pretty much in tears).  At one point my doctor looked and me and asked if he needed to stop, I felt like I should have him keep trying, so he kept going.  Just a couple minutes later however, the doctor stopped on his own and proceeded to put the baby back into breech position.  He said that the baby was showing stress and his heart rate was dropping every time he got close to being in the head down position.  I remember my doctor saying "there is obviously a reason for him being in this position, we won't move him, we will proceed with a c-section".  Hearing him say that made me feel much better about the uneasiness I had been feeling about having him flipped.  And it saved me from having to fight my doctor on the matter :)
So it was decided that I would have my baby via c-section at noon when my doctor could come back to the hospital.  Jesse and I had the whole afternoon to just sit and wait, and by that time, the epidural had worn off and I was starting to have contractions because of the stress that was put on my body during the flipping procedure.  So it was not very fun waiting for noon to come around, but it was definitely better than being in labor for 14 hours like I was with Walter, so I can't complain.
Noon came... and then went, and my doctor hadn't come back.  At about 12:30 the nurse came in and told me that my c-section would be a little later than expected because my doctor was delivering another baby.  Luckily we only had to wait til 1.  Once 1 came around, things really started to get moving.  From beginning to end, the entire process took less than half an hour.  My epidural was started again, they wheeled my down to an operating room, I was strapped down to an operating table and a blinder was put up so I could not see anything, Jesse got to dress in a full body suit with a shower cap and mask to top off the look, they made sure I was good and numb, my stomach was sterilized, and the c-section began.  It is the weirdest feeling being completely awake and alert for an operation like that and to have them tell you step by step what they are doing to you but you can't feel a thing.  At 1:22 pm, Oliver Ray Barocio was born.  7lbs 6oz 20 inches long.  The doctor and nurses all talked about how he had a perfect head, they brought him around for me to see him, and then whisked him away to get cleaned up and weighed.  He was so full of fluid that it took them a little bit to get him breathing correctly, and his temp and blood sugar levels were low, but they were able to get him back to where he needed to be pretty quickly.  Right after I was able to see my new baby boy, I don't remember a thing.  Come to find out, they gave me a dose of morphine to help with the pain once the epidural wore off.  Apparently I am allergic to morphine because it made me stop breathing and I passed out.  The next thing I remember, we were back in the delivery room and Jesse was holding Oliver.  I took a couple of pictures and then we were taken into my recovery room.  I was pretty nervous about the epidural wearing off and what kind of pain I would be in because of the c-section, but surprisingly, it was no worse than what I felt when I delivered Walter.  I spent the next 2 nights in the hospital, but since this post is already extremely long, I will save that experience and how it's been since we got home for the next post :)