Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and Week 14

Thanksgiving was great this year. Jesse and I went down to Cedar City to spend the weekend with my family. We had a pretty small group this year, considering how many people have been there in years past, but I liked it. We got down there Wednesday night and stayed with Heather. Thursday was delicious... there's not much more I can say about it. Friday, a bunch of us decided to go shopping. We waited til early afternoon so most the crazy people were gone. The only stuff I ended up buying were a few clothes things, and Heather and I also got princess material for our Christmas pajamas.. I'm excited. Friday night, Heather, Jesse and I went to Breaking Dawn.. it was my third time seeing it, and I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. Saturday morning we all went to Parowan to see my Grandma Adams. Jesse and I just stayed for a couple of hours and then we headed back home. It was a very fun weekend that went by way too quickly. I took my camera and left it in the car the entire weekend, so there are no pictures.
As for baby update, I am now 14 weeks. I finally think I am over the sickness. The only time I start feeling really gross is when I don't eat. I ALWAYS want to eat, like literally non stop. And the one thing that will always satisfy my hunger is fish sticks... gross huh. But I just love them right now... deep fried greasy fish, yum! I have gained a whopping 3 pounds so far! And that was like more than a month ago, but my belly is growing. I tried to put a pair of pants on the other day and they definitely do not fit anymore, and since I have a couple other pairs that are the exact same size and style, I now only comfortably fit into one pair.. which is kind of a problem, but oh well. I used to always get headaches, and at the beginning of the pregnancy they miraculously went away. Unfortunately that didn't last. I am now getting daily headaches and sometimes they are pretty bad.. thank goodness for drugs my doctor said were still ok to take while pregnant. Speaking of doctor, I go back in a week from today for my second checkup. Hopefully everything is still looking good and in about another month or so we'll be able to find out what Unborn Barocio is. I'm not gonna lie, I am kind of hoping for a girl, but I think that's only because I want someone to share my love of pink and princesses. I would be very happy with a boy too, he will just have to be ok with me putting him in princess dresses :) I'm kidding... kinda.
Anyway, everything is good. School is out on Friday and then it's Christmas!!! I will leave you with a picture of my 14 week belly (just look through the dirty mirror).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 12

When I said that I was feeling better, I think I spoke too soon. The past couple of weeks, I have felt pretty sick. I guess I'm not feeling sick every day like I was, but when I get sick now, it's worse. Hopefully it goes away again, and stays away :) I haven't been quite as tired though, so that's good. My belly is a tiny bit bigger. Most people still don't see it, but I sure feel it. Even with the sickness and junk, I am grateful that Baby is healthy and that I get to be pregnant with him/her.
School's almost out for the semester, which is super good, because even though I am only in one class, I am so sick of doing the homework and I am so ready to be done with it. Next semester will hopefully be a little better since I'll be taking a class that I actually want to take (not dumb English).
Well, I think that's about it, not much has changed in the past couple weeks.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1st Doctors Appointment

Today I had my first doctors appointment, and it went pretty well. I was super nervous just cause I had never been to this doctor and I didn't want to do the whole uncomfortable exam thing and I really didn't want to have my blood drawn. But my doctor, Dr. Farley, made it super easy, fast and semi-comfortable. I think I'm really going to like him. I was super excited to have my first ultrasound done too. Jesse was able to come with me, and it was so fun/unreal to be able to actually see the baby. It's only about two inches long right now, but we were able to see all of its fingers and one of its little feet... it was so cool!
My official due date is May 28th, and after seeing little baby, that seems like forever away.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Teeny Tiny Bump

I am now 10 1/2 weeks, and I have a teeny tiny bump coming from my lower abdomen... most of you will probably laugh and say "oh that's not a baby bump", but I promise you, it was not there a couple weeks ago, and I haven't been eating like crazy, so it's not a food baby.
Can you see it?
It's there, I promise..
The sickness thing seems to be letting up a little bit, actually, quite a bit. I usually only start to feel a little sick at the end of the day, and I think that's just because I am so tired. I have been super super lazy and haven't done much of anything around the apartment. I don't cook, I don't do laundry, I don't do dishes.. it's kinda pathetic. I asked my mom yesterday when I would start feeling like I can actually do simple things like that again, and she just laughed at me and said I'll never get that back... great :)

One Time We Got a Kitty

One time I was working at J&J Nursery. And this one time that I was working, one of my managers found a tiny, dirty, smelly kitten hiding in one of the sheds outside. She came to me and told me that if no one took her home, they would have to call animal control and have them take her away. Well, anyone that knows me know that I am a sucker for kitties. So, I called Jesse and had him come over to see her. After a little begging and looking at her cute face- that was that- and we were taking her home in a little cardboard box.
We have had her for about a month now, and sometimes I regret bringing her home... she is super super wild and naughty- always attacking everything (mostly us). But I guess that is just because she is a kitten. When she wants to be, she is super cuddly, and thats the kind of kitty I like. The only thing making me keep her sometimes is her cute little face. See for yourself...

This was when we first found her outside

This is her chillin on our couch

And this is her sleeping on her back.. she seems to do that a lot :)

And sleepin on my laptop.. silly thing
And the other day I found her in my backpack

It is true what they say, having a kitten is like having a baby.. I have to constantly watch her and she is always getting into things that she shouldn't... I guess it's just good practice :)