Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honoring Grandpa Jones on Memorial Day Weekend

On Tuesday, May 24 my Grandpa passed away. He had been sick for quite a while and in a lot of pain due to compression fractures in his back, a leaky heart vaulve and internal bleeding of some sort. It's so hard to say goodbye to a Grandpa like him. I'm so happy to know that he is no longer in pain, but it's hard to know that he won't be there when we go to visit anymore. It breaks my heart to know that my Grandma is alone now too, but she has been so strong throughout this hard time.
This weekend was Memorial Day weekend; the perfect time to celebrate and reflect upon his life during the funeral services. On Saturday we had the viewing and the funeral service where my uncles (his sons) all spoke, highlighting different parts of Grandpa's life. I have so many memories of when we would go down to visit. I remember how he had a coo-coo clock that he would always set off for us grand kids. He would always make up some kind of story in order to get us to eat something weird, like orange peels and dates. He loved to collect stamps and coins and would give each of us state quarters to start our collections. Everytime we would visit, he would fuss over how we weren't eating enough, making sure we never went hungry.
On Tuesday (today) we had the burial service. Grandpa served in the Navy during WWII and so they had a traditional military salute, which was really neat to see. It was so great to be able to spend a weekend with almost the entire Jones side of the family and honor Grandpa. We will miss him so much but he is in a much better place!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I finally have a wedding band! So now I actually look like I'm married instead of just engaged. I've had a bunch of people ask me when I'm getting married when they see my ring, and my response is "5 months ago", so we decided that it was time to get me a band to go with my engagement ring. Its got diamonds and pink sapphires in it, and is oh so pretty!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Guess what I got for Mother's Day?!?!Surgery to remove my appendix!
It started yesterday morning when I woke up. I wasn't feeling too well and I had this weird pain in my lower stomach. I had to work at 8:30 but was hoping that I would be sent home early because I didn't feel very great. I was feeling ok during the morning at work and then I went to lunch and ate a sandwich, thinking that that would help my stomach to have something in it. I immediately felt 10 times worse, but I went back out and started working again. The pain slowly started getting worse and worse and my boss could tell that I was in a lot of pain, so she sent me home 4 hours early. I was able to drive myself home, but as soon as I walked in the door I fell on the ground doubled over in pain. My family was at a wedding reception for my cousin and Jesse was up doing yard work at his mom's house, so I was all alone and was kind of freaking out because the pain was getting to be so severe that I almost passed out. I was able to call Jesse and have him rush home. He took me straight to the emergency room where they proceeded to take blood samples and hook me up to an IV which they gave me morphine through. Once the pain subsided a little bit, they did a CAT scan on me and then pumped more morphine in me while we waited for the results. The doctor came into my room a little while later to announce that I had appendicitis! WHOO HOO! By then, my mom and dad had arrived and my dad and Jesse gave me a blessing. They wasted no time in getting me ready for surgery and by 7:30 I was knocked out and they were removing my guts. Jesse was so sweet and stayed at the hospital through the surgery and while I was in recovery. They kept me there overnight so that I could be monitored, and Jesse stayed the night with me. After the surgery, they showed me a picture of my appendix that they had just removed and it measured 12 cm... 3 times the size it's supposed to be! They released me this morning at about 9 o'clock and prescribed me some nice pain medication. So now I get to lounge around the house for the next week and take a week off work while my guts slowly heal... They hurt super bad! I was way sad to miss Mother's Day church because I would've been able to go to Relief Society with my mom instead of teach my Primary class, but oh well. Jesse did get me some very cute and comfy pajamas for Mother's Day that I will wear for the next week :) He has been so helpful already and has done everything for me. So that's my exciting story.
I hope that all mother's out there had a better Mother's Day than I did!! :)