Monday, August 29, 2011

Josh Groban!!!

A week after Vegas, Heather came up here for... THE JOSH GROBAN CONCERT!!! Oh my goodness! He was so amazing! And we had some dang good seats! That's definitely something I have to see again before I die.

Waitin for the concert

AHH!!! I love him!

Don't be jealous :)

Our A-P-T

We have now been in our apartment for almost a month. It's crazy how fast it's gone by, but we are loving it here so far! We only have one bedroom, so it's pretty small, but we fit perfectly. It's been a lot of fun being able to use all of our wedding gifts finally, kinda feels like playing house :) Here are just a few pictures of our little place:

We haven't been to our new ward yet.. oops. So we don't know what that'll be like, but so far we really like living here.
School started back up a week ago. Jesse is taking a heavy load again, 17 credit hours, or something like that, and still working everyday! I don't know how he does it, but he seems to actually like it. I have a much easier and lazier schedule. I'm taking just a couple online courses and working about 3 days a week, and that's how I like it :)
And that's pretty much it for now..

Vegas Baby!

A few weeks ago we traveled down to Southern Utah for an Adams Family Reunion. We got to go to our family cabin. Jesse had never been up there so it was fun to have him there and show him around.Our little cabin
We know how to keep ourselves entertained haha

And of course we had to stop and see beautiful Cedar Breaks

After our trip up to the cabin on Saturday, we headed down to Vegas. Emily was there for her best friend's wedding so we decided to go see her and her little food baby (which is actually a real baby). Again, Jesse had never been there and so me, Heather and Micheal took him down to The Strip several times so he could experience Vegas. I didn't think he would enjoy it, but after we had been there a couple times he told me he really wanted to come back someday.

At the Bellagio Fountains

Aw :)

Us inside the Bellagio :)

At the World's Largest Chocolate Fountain

At the ExcalaburWe wondered around Caesar's Palace

We found some candy...
We were pretty
The New York New York

Heather met a Mexican Elvis :)
We got to meet Justin Bieber at the mall... kinda

And Michael got to see some Ferraris from afar

And then we walked through some trees at the Wynn
And saw the parasols

We got a picture in front of the Las Vegas sign, because we had never done that before
And we went to the Worlds Largest Gift Shop

My dad and Jesse had to leave on Monday to come back so they could work, but me, Heather, my mom and Michael stayed in Vegas til Wednesday and just hung around and had fun. Definitely a very good, very much needed vacation.